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Proposed Policy for the Admission Arrangements to Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools for 2018-2019


1. Introduction

These are the 2018-2019 admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled primary and secondary schools, i.e. those schools where the Local Authority (LA) is the admission authority.


2. Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements

In line with current legislation, the LA has drawn up a separate scheme to coordinate admissions to maintained schools and academies within Cumbria for the main admissions round.


3. Published Admission Numbers

The admission number for our school is 20.


4. The General Admissions Policy for 2018-2019

The General Admissions Policy will be used to allocate places at those schools which are oversubscribed. This is attached as Appendix 2 for entry to Reception, Year 3 and Year 7 and as Appendix 3 for entry to Year 12.


5. Address to be Used in Determining Priority for Admission

If a school is oversubscribed, the address of the parent or carer with whom the child normally lives will be used in the allocation process. Where a child’s address is difficult to determine, for example where shared living arrangements are in place, the address of the parent or carer claiming child benefit will be used.


6. Fraudulent Applications and Withdrawal of a School Place

The LA will not withdraw an offer of a place unless it has been made in error or it is established that the offer was obtained through a fraudulent or misleading application. An application will not be withdrawn because an offer was made in error once the student has taken up the place at the school. Where an offer is withdrawn on the basis of fraudulent or misleading information, the application will be considered on the basis of the correct information, and parents or carers will have a right of appeal where no place can be offered.

Where parents or carers are found to make a fraudulent application for a school place and the LA decides not to withdraw that place in the best interest of the child, should a school place be sought for any other sibling or siblings the criteria that provide a higher priority for a school place for siblings will not be applied.



7. Parental disagreement

The management of school applications may be severely delayed during the main admissions round where separated parents or carers of the child each submit a separate application for different schools. The School Admissions Code 2014 states that only one offer per child is made by the LA. In this situation the LA asks that parents and/or carers attempt to resolve matters between themselves and inform the LA in writing of which application should be processed. The LA will not become involved in private disputes.

In a situation where parents and/or carers are unable to reach an agreement the LA will decide which application should be processed. In most circumstances the LA will process the application submitted by the parent and/or carer who is in receipt of child benefit for the child to whom the application relates.


8. The Admissions Timetable

The timetable for the September 2018 application and allocation processes will be in line with the co-ordinated admissions schemes with the exception of entry to Year 12.


9. Late Applications

For oversubscribed schools, applications which are received or changed after the published closing date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Even if there are exceptional circumstances, applications submitted after the relevant published date, contained within this scheme, will not be considered until after allocations for those parents and carers who applied on time have been made. Any evidence submitted after the relevant date to support a late application or change of preference will not be considered. Affected applicants will not receive an offer with other parents on national offer day, instead receiving one on ‘reallocation day’.


10. Waiting Lists

Once places have been allocated, children refused a place will continue to be considered for any vacancies which become available up until the end of the Autumn Term 2018. Vacancies will always be allocated by applying the admissions policy and length of time on the waiting list will not be a consideration.


11. Early, Deferred or Delayed Entry to all schools and Part Time Attendance at Infant/Primary Schools

If a child who has not reached compulsory school age has been allocated a Reception place and their parent or carer wishes to defer entry to school, the place will be held open. Entry cannot be deferred beyond the point at which the child reaches compulsory school age and not beyond the beginning of the final term of the school year for which the place was allocated. Parents can request that their child takes up the place part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age.


Summer-born children do not attain compulsory school age until the September after they would normally start in Reception. In line with government recommendation, the county council will admit these children into a Reception class a year later than usual at their parents’ request. These children will remain eligible for their full entitlement to schooling, and will subsequently transfer to junior (where applicable) and secondary school with other children in the year group in which they have been educated, rather than with their ‘chronological cohort’

Other requests, for early or delayed transfer to secondary school, for example, will be considered on their individual merits. Unlike delayed entry for summer-born children, others have no automatic right to education outside of their chronological age group, although there is no legal bar to this.

Parents seeking early transfer should submit their request to the school admissions by 30 September for secondary applications, and by 31 October for primary applications in the year before that in which they would usually apply. This will allow time for the application to be considered prior to the closing date for applications. Parents will still need to submit preferences by the appropriate closing date.

Parents seeking delayed entry/transfer should submit their request by the same dates in the year in which they would apply if their child was transferring at the usual age. This will allow consideration of the request prior to the closing date for preferences to be submitted, allowing parents sufficient time to submit preferences in the event their request is denied.


12. Twins and siblings of multiple births

Where places are available for some but not all children from multiple births (including twins) the Local Authority will exercise the discretion offered by the Admissions Code to offer all of the children a place. Where this results in an infant class exceeding 30 pupils, additional children admitted under these arrangements will be treated as ‘excepted pupils’ for the duration of their infant education and will not constitute a breach of legislative requirements.


13. Admissions to Nursery Schools and Infant/Primary Schools Offering Nursery Education

These arrangements do not apply to the admission of nursery pupils. Nursery admission arrangements will be determined separately. Attendance at a school’s nursery does not guarantee admission to the school’s Reception group.


14. Admission to School Sixth Forms

These arrangements apply to the admission of students to school sixth forms (Year 12).


15. Catchment Areas

Cumbria County Council operates a ‘catchment area’ approach to school admissions. Most schools have a defined catchment area. Details of the arrangements for each school can be made available on request. Where an area is not included within an agreed catchment area, the “catchment area school” will be the nearest school to the parental home.


16. In Year Admissions

Where a parent or carer wishes to change school for any reason that is not caused by a change of address, the Local Authority may not offer a place at a community or voluntary controlled school before the first day of the term following receipt of form SA8 (request for an in year school place).

Any place offered must be taken up within 6 weeks or it may be withdrawn and offered to another applicant.